Wine Barrel Furniture

Unique items designed and handcrafted from used barrels gathered from Niagara wineries.

Trillium Trays are in use by the several local vineyards to deliver flights of wine to their guests.

Trillium Trays provides a stable platform for wine glass delivery while minimizing contact with the glassware. This enhances the safety of both the server and the taster.

Frank Furniture’s Barrel Head Tables are custom built from wine barrels specifically selected for this purpose. The tables are supported by eight barrel staves that act as the legs. The rich wine colour of the staves comes from the ageing process of the red wine that was stored within. The tabletop is preserved with food-safe oil.

Frank Furniture’s Charcuterie Boards offer a great opportunity to present your foodie creations in a unique and interesting way. The widest staves from a wine barrel are selected to maximize surface area, thereby ensuring the food is the highlight while the board remains an interesting side note.

Tea Light Holders come in four and six light options. Each holder is handcrafted from a wine barrel stave, whose gentle curve provides a stable and unique footing. These holders are an attractive addition to your home or cottage and provide gentle light for romantic dinners.